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We operate effectively, with professionalism and consistency in a dynamic and versatile market. We aim to offer our customers the best partnerships and to satisfy their demands and needs at the highest quality standards level. We carry out a fair and transparent business, in harmony with the people, our environment and community. We believe that social involvement, such as creating a secure and flexible environment for employees, and care for the environment, constitute the foundations of a sustainable and overall favorable development.

Electricity Supply

Our beneficiaries have a better overview on their technological process, on stages and periods of consumption, being awarded an improved control and forecast of actual consumption and costs…

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We are active participants on several trading platforms in Romania and Europe concerning cross-border electricity trading, as well as on the Green Certificates market…

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Electricity Producer

Investment opportunities in photovoltaic and hydro power plants determined us to launch the electricity production in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

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Energy management

For the producers of renewable wind, photovoltaic and cogeneration power under long term joint ventures (5-15 years)
  • Acquisition of the produced electricity, unbalances being settled under the balancing responsibility of TRANSENERGO;
  • Acquisition of green certificates;
  • Optimization of environment portfolios;
  • Market access;
  • Certification process.

Delivery of natural gas

  • Gas consumption management for eligible customers:  natural gas supply;  provision of distribution services to all consumer categories;  provision of distribution services (transport and capacity backup).

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Delivery of refined products

HFO and Diesel
  • We are committed to make all efforts to become an important, reference player on electricity and natural gas markets, deploying the highest service quality through fair and long-term partnerships.

Production of electricity by coal processing

  •   0.54 TWh (during 2009-2012)

Who We Are

  • Established: 2004
  • Type of the company: joint stock company with full private  capital
  • Headquarters: Bucharest, Romania
  • Member of the Association of Electricity Suppliers in Romania “AFEER”
  • Member of the Romanian Association of Exporters ”AREX
  • Electricity supply license: no.  1754/04.02.2015
  • Limited license electricity supply – Branch Office Hungary: no. 304/2011
  • Full Electricity supply license -TRANSENERGO KFT:  no.  707/2010
  • Natural gas supply license: no.  1315/12.06.2011
  • Our company has implemented and certified Quality Management System, regulated by international standard ISO 9001/2008, as a necessary stage to reach our objective  – Total Quality Management (TQM)