Company Policy

We continuously pursue provision of an optimum framework for determination, assessment and achievement of qualitative objectives, based on compliance with legal requirements and permanent improvement of our performances.
Although the macroeconomic environment in recent years has been particularly difficult at the national level, our company managed to maintain its stability on the electricity and gas supply markets, and to develop our client portfolio. Currently, the company’s client portfolio are about 300 final customers from various industries, including customers located in all regional areas of distribution system operator.
Our company’s policies and activities are dedicated entirely to discover and meet, at the highest possible extent, the demands of our customers, by flexible structures, competent, creative and dynamic personnel, out-of-the-box thinking and simple, efficient working procedures.

We are committed to make all efforts to become an important, reference player on electricity and natural gas markets, deploying the highest service quality through fair and long-term partnerships.

Robert Coman

Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +4021 / 403.42.29

Responsiveness to change and to place in the foreground of the renewal process helped us to be recognized as a modern company. Our core values underpin the company’s activities and determine the achievement of our goals.
We are confident that the achieved and completed activities in recent years have contributed to the fulfillment of our strategy for future growth, adding value to our business partners, employees and to the company.