• Efficiency and diversification of activities regarding production, trade and supply of electricity from conventional and renewable energy sources.
  • Trading of energy resources at affordable prices, providing reliable services to our customers.
  • Quantitative increase of income, correlated with  cost optimization.
  • Increase in income through market share growth of final consumers in Romania and through access to all power exchanges in Europe.
  • Diversification of activities by producing electricity in plants owned and rental.

“Every step in our evolution inspires us to improve our performance and to analyze what are the next opportunities.”

  • Decrease in operational costs provided by third parties.
  • Improving the quality of basic services.
  • Maintaining and developing framework agreement relations with licensed electricity companies from Romania and other European countries.
  • Opening an internal electronic platform (closed-circuit) for centralized and standardized reception of informative bids through internet (with punctual negotiation).
  • Contracting electricity generated by producers in wind power plants, photovoltaic plant and small hydropower plants.
  • Participation to electricity markets in Romania and European countries,
  • Expanding the external trading activity of electricity (Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, etc.).