In accordance with Regulation of the supply of electricity to end customers – ANRE Order no. 64 / 07.14.2014, we provide our clients the following documents, laws governing electricity sector relevant to consumers.


Directive 2009/72 / EC

The European Directive on common rules for the internal market in electricity and repealing Directive 2003/54 / EC.

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Commercial Code of electricity market

Commercial Code of the wholesale electricity market, approved by ANRE Order no. 25 / 22.10.2004 published in M.O. no. 989 / 27.10.2004.

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Law no. 123/2012

Law electricity and natural gas No. 123/2012, published in M.O. no. 485 / 16.07.2012, as amended and supplemented.

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Regulation of electricity supply to final customers

Regulation for the supply of electricity to final customers, approved by ANRE Order no. 235/2019, entered into force on January 7, 2020.

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ANRE Order no. 96/2015

Order approving the Regulation on information activity to final customers of electricity and natural gas.


ANRE Order no. 16/2015

Order approving the Procedure – Framework obligation of suppliers of electricity and natural gas to final customers for resolving complaints.


ANRE Order no. 11/2014

Order for approving the Methodology of establish the tariffs for connecting users to public electricity networks.


ANRE Order no. 64/2014

Order approving the Regulation for electricity supply to end customers.

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ANRE Order no. 5/2013

Order on changing framework contracts for electricity supply.


Law no. 121/2014

Law no. 121/2014 on energy efficiency.

The right to information

According to the ANRE Order No. 96/2015 approving the Regulation on information activity to final customers of electricity and natural gas, the end customer has the right to be informed, in relationship with the supplier. Please download Annex 1 (RO) from ANRE Order 96/2015.

According to the Electricity Law and gas no.123 / 2012, end users of electricity have the following rights and obligations:

The rights of final electricity customer

(1) final electricity customers have the following rights:
  1. to have access to public electricity networks and consume electricity in accordance with the provisions of the supply contract;
  2. to request the modification and completion provider’s supply contract and annexes thereto or to initiate addenda to contracts when new items appear whenever considered necessary detail or supplement contractual clauses;
  3. to have access to reading groups for settlement measurement;
  4. to require the provider or the distribution operator to take steps to remedy faults and malfunctions occurring in electricity grids;
  5. to receive compensation from the provider, network operator or other final customer, the contractual damages occur when the fault them for non-compliance or quality indicators of energy;
  6. to join voluntarily in order to representing the interests of customers, according to ANRE regulations;
  7. to purchase electricity on the basis of bilateral contract from an energy supplier, regardless of the Member State in which the supplier is registered, provided they comply with applicable trading and balancing established in Romania;
  8. to change supplier, according to a procedure approved by ANRE;
  9. to conclude contracts with several suppliers of energy at the same time, for a place of consumption, as that rests solely with large non-household customers, whose maximum power approved by the technical connection is established by ANRE regulations;
  10. to submit to the competent authority to solve disputes arising from the execution of contracts signed in the electricity sector, based on procedures developed by the competent authority;
  11. to benefit from the services of a mediator, under Law no. 192/2006 on mediation and the mediator profession, as amended and supplemented, in order to solve extrajudicial dispute appeared on the electricity market;
  12. to cancel the supply contract, under art. 58 pararagraph (3).

(2) The procedure mentioned in paragraph. (1) h. establishes the main stages of switching, the mode of extinguishing obligations owed by the final client provider to be changed, the data may be required by the end user or new provider in the process of change and operators companies that are obliged to provide.

(3) The procedure stipulated in par. (1) h. must guarantee a customer wishes to change supplier, compliance with contractual terms, this change can be.

The obligation of final electricity customer

(1) Final electricity customer are liable for proven damages caused provider / network operator his fault.

(2) Failure of electricity supply contract by the end customer can draw the following consequences, as appropriate:

  1. penalties;
  2. temporary suspension of electricity supply;
  3. termination of the electricity supply.

(3) If interventions on electrical installations by unauthorized persons, the grid operator is entitled to interrupt the power supply, in accordance with specific regulations of ANRE.

(4) If the finding, according to legal provisions in force, some actions to distort in any indications of measuring equipments or to steal electricity by bypassing measuring equipment, the end customer must lodge a financial guarantee under article . 58 paragraph (5).

(5) The end customer electricity with power approved by the technical connection of at least 1,000 kVA must submit hourly consumption forecasts to supplier, according to regulations issued by the competent authority.

(6) The final clients have the obligation to pay the invoices for electricity and services that benefit the deadlines stipulated in the contracts concluded between the parties.

(7) In order to guarantee electricity bills payments, providers can ask customers constitution of financial guarantees only as provided by regulations issued by the competent authority.

Customer service

Name, address and work program of the department responsible for receiving and registering complaints: Transenergo COM SA, Customer Service Monday-Friday (except legal holidays, days off and the holidays), 9-17;

Phone / fax, email addresses dedicated to receiving complaints: tel / fax 021.403.42.11, email:;

Audience Program: Mr. Marius Petrescu, Commercial Director, The Grand Offices, 13 September no. 90, sector 5, Bucharest, Romania, in every Monday working between 11-12 hours;

Final client’s right to appeal to ANRE: ANRE contact details are: Str. Constantin Nacu. 3, Bucuresti, Sector 2, Zip code 020 995, ROMANIA, Phone: +4021-327.81.74; +4021-327.81.00; Fax: 021-312.43.65 ., email:;

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