Electricity Supply

An independent player in Romania’s energy market

At TRANSENERGO electricity supply goes beyond the customer’s power meter.
We provide support and advice to control better and to optimize your electricity costs through energy management techniques. This is the secret that propelled our company to rank now among the first ten electricity suppliers on the Romanian market.

Every business has its own distinct energy requirements, so it’s essential to choose supply contracts that suit your needs.

At TRANSENERGO, your electricity supply needs are fully covered with us.

We are able to supply with electricity any kind of final consumer, disregarding the electricity consumption level, located in any place around the country, without any discrimination. In our portfolio there are final customers that have chosen to be supplied continuously by us for almost 10 years, since the beginning of our supplying activity in 2005.

We continue to take a lead in offering energy choices that are simple, fair and transparent. Our customers receive transparent bills and have access to detailed information concerning their electricity consumption.

Transparent. Better. Less Expensive.

Our 10 years of constant presence in the top of electricity suppliers grant our trustworthiness and also allow us to offer quick solutions and reactions in order to cover the needs of our customers. And these are just a few of the benefits that you will be able to take advantage of by becoming our valuable customer :
TRANSENERGO is an integrated producer, trader and supplier of energy, therefore we are able to provide our customers competitive prices. We benefit of a competitive and balanced acquisition portfolio, which virtually includes all power sources.
TRANSENERGO COM developed a dedicated platform that is at the disposal of its customers. This way you are able to analyze the consumption behavior in real time or for selected time intervals in order to bring more efficiency and cost savings.
The outstanding experience of our team grants our clients the access to customized solutions, which eventually turn into cost savings, based on tailored pricing solutions created in accordance to the consumption profile of the consumer and the markets evolution.

Become our customer

Disregarding if you represent a small, medium- sized or large business, we invite you to give a try and see if we can save you money, help you go green and surprise you with our outstanding customer service. Give us a call and settle an appointment with our account managers as a first step on the way to limitless rewards and satisfaction.
Choosing your electricity supplier has never been an easy task. It requires a careful assessment of a number of factors  Our clients benefit of significant savings in electricity costs based on our unbalancing smart- covering solutions; We offer simple, transparent and effective contractual procedures as well as any required support; Transparent and easy-to-read invoices, with consumption details provided in the format requested by the client.


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    Contract stages

    1Transmitting the Application of Bid (through fax, e-mail, postal jobs)

    2 Completing the Forms of Pre-contractual Analysis.

    3 Negotiation and agree the Agreement of Supply SGB  or Agreement of Supply BO with all the annexes.

    4 Issuance of The Technical Notice of Connect with Subsidiary of Casting and Deliver the electric energy on radius where are placed the capacities of Customer’s production. This Notice must contain:
    a) the parameters concerning the power approved, as well as a prevision of the power evolution on a period of five years from the operated  capacities;
    b) the settlement of the points of delimitation;
    c) the value of the tax of connect, there where is the case.

    5 Issuance of a Exploitation Convention with the Distribution and Supply of the electric energy Subsidiary on radius on which are the capacities of Customer ‘s production. This Convention establishes:
    a) the reciprocal relations among purveyor job of casting of electric energy and the eligible consumer, incite in the regime of natural exploitation, quotient in the case of the incidents in the stations of transformation, the alimentation points or the transformation spots from the  administration and the exploitation of eligible consumer;
    b) the compulsoriness observance foresee the specific protective “Norms of the labor for the transport and the casting of electric energy” – NSSMTDEE 65/2002, by RCD 2004 and „Of general swap regulation in the electric fittings” – PE 118/92, as well as all other normative and the specific prescriptions from their areas of activity;
    c) unifilar scheme.

    6 Sign the contract of supply

    7 Finish Interfacing Contracts of to TRANSENERGO COM concerning the assurance of the transport service of the electric energy (with C.N. Transelectrica S.A.), of the job of casting of electric energy respectively (with Subsidiary of Casting and Deliver the electric energy on radius in which the customer is placed), there where it’s the case.

    8 The registration by the TRANSENERGO COM of the Supply Contract, as well as the Interfacing – Contracts to OPCOM – marks the start of the running of the contract.

    Electricity Sales (during 2007-2015)

    Currently, the company’s client portfolio comprises over 300 final customers with more than 1,500 consumption places from all business activities, located in all the distribution areas in Romania. Since 2005, TRANSENERGO COM S.A. delivered more than 4,700,000 MWh to its clients and did not generate any technical incidents, which could have created impairments in the electricity supply service.

    Year 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
    Electricity supply(GWh) 177 368 440 521 430 355 672 678 1128