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Household customers who have exercised their eligibility right have the right to return to regulated supply.


An independent player in Romania's natural gas market

It is important to understand what is meant by energy prices and costs.

Our energy bills are partly driven by the quantity of energy we consume – so energy costs can be reduced by using more energy efficient products or other energy saving practices. But the price element of energy bills is often seen as more critical and difficult to understand. The price that consumers pay for electricity and gas reflects various elements, influenced by both market forces and government policy.

The Romanian gas market is made up of the competitive market (trading of gas between suppliers and between suppliers and customers making use of their eligibility) and the regulated market (based on framework contracts, including contracts for market contractual balancing, transmission, distribution, storage and transit with the exception of one dedicated pipeline). In the regulated market, prices are set by ANRE and apply for 25% consumption represented by households while 75% of the consumption goes on the industrial consumers account

We know that under difficult times optimization is the key to success, that’s why we believe that based on the experience that we accumulated during the last 10 years we are able to provide the most adequate solution for you needs. Our long experience guarantees the quality of our products, with the highest international standards for quality, safety and environmental respect.

The change of natural gas supplier does not involve payment of any fee from the end consumer. Read ANRE Order no 47/2008 concerning methodology for the change of natural gas supplier for non-household consumers.

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Legislation - ANRE

ANRE Order no. 37/2007 ;

ANRE Order no. 47/08.05.2008 ;

ANRE Order no. 106/2014 ;

ANRE Order no. 16/2015 ;

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ANRE Order no. 21/2017 ;

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ANRE Order no. 24/2017 ;

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Transenergo’s customers will find in our team an adviser for assessment of their needs.

We are closely looking on all aspects regarding buying, underground storage, transportation and distribution of natural gas.

When choosing the best option for their natural gas contracts, our customer benefits from full and free advices

In the end, we manage to deliver competitive natural gas contracts for small, medium sized and large corporate businesses throughout entire Romania where a transmission or distribution connection is available, creating highly individual and competitive commercial gas supply packages.

If you have an enquiry, call 021 403 49 45 to speak to our customer relations department.


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Contract stages


1Transmitting the Application of Bid (through fax, e-mail, postal jobs)

2 Complete the Form of Pre-contractual Analyse.

3 Negotiate and agree The contract of Gas Supply, with all it’s annexes.

4 Sign the contract of natural gas supply.

5  Finishing the Connected- Contracts –by the  TRANSENERGO COM S.A. regarding the assurance transport job of the natural gas, respective gas job of casting of natural gas, there where it’s the case.

Finish of the of Delivery Gas Contract by the TRANSENERGO COM  S.A., as well as The Connected Contracts –marks the effective running of the  contract.

The main benefits of the final customer

We enumerate herethe main ones:
  1. Down the power consumption;
  2. Free pre-contractual specific analysis of consumption and concrete needs of the consumers;
  3. Lower substantial expenditures with the natural gas and the, on this base, breed accordingly profited;
  4. The pursuit and administration in the sight optimization of the consumptions to the level our customers in the aim of the decrease of these costs with invoice of natural gas;
  5. Our firm represents the interests of the consumer competently, loyalty, professionalism, unfurling for his customer activities investigatory specific market, of negotiation and select the earnest producing the which and offers most advantageous tariffs;
  6. Our beneficiary can follow better his technological process, on the spot, phases and periods of consumptions, thus being able to check up and calculated the consumptions and his costs, as a consequence of the a methodology unitive established through contract with our firm.

TRANSENERGO COM S.A. wants through its services to offer comfort and quality to competitive prices and to satisfy completely the needs of all its beneficiaries.