Quality Management System certified according to SR EN ISO 9001/2008

We are aware that only a continuous improvement in the quality of our services and products shall allow us to show that we respect our clients, whether private individuals, legal entities or public institutions, and that their degree of satisfaction, the permanent meeting of their requirements exceeding their expectations, is a significant additional motivation for developing an efficient activity in all departments of our company.
Our focus on quality represents equally a major decision and a firm commitment for action in the following directions: Perpetual development and improvement; Increase of personnel’s level of training, qualification and competence and permanent improvements of its performances; Continuous adjustment of company’s operative and functional structures intended to provide maximum flexibility in our orientation towards the client and in meeting the needs thereof, in our pursue for obtaining client’s confidence in our company and their loyalty towards our products and services.

Key consultants

Considering the scope of activity, as regards the development segment of our company, long-term planning is always time consuming, but when approached, we always have a long-term vision and we are capable to elaborate a business plan, strategies and procedures that enable a profitable activity with the support of specialized consultants that carry forward our interests in a professional and efficient manner.
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Internal work procedures

System procedures

  • Control of documents;
  • Control of recordings;
  • Internal audit;
  • Control of incompliant product;
  • Corrective action and preventive action.

Process procedures

  • Drafting, updating and dissemination of policies concerning quality and quality objectives;
  • Dissemination;
  • Management assessment;
  • Competence, awareness and training;
  • Service design – development;
  • Supply;
  • Assessment of client’s level of satisfaction and management of complaints;
  • Electricity supply;
  • Natural gas supply;
  • Electricity import/export/transit transactions with economic operators in other energy systems.

Organizational procedures

  • Attracting consumers and supply of information on green certificates;
  • Execution of electricity sale -purchase transactions on DAM – OPCOM;
  • Assessment of wind parks projects; Intrastat reporting;
  • Implementation of cross-border electricity trading program;
  • Management of cogeneration contribution; Invoicing; monitoring and verification of payments received for the electricity supplied;
  • Attracting of potential clients on electricity and / or natural gas segment;
  • Attracting of potential clients to improve energy efficiency for final customers;
  • Measure for assessment of energy efficiency for Transenergo’s customers;
  • Settlement of disputes on the electricity market
  • Dispute Resolution on the wholesale and retail trade occurred between Transenergo and other electricity market participants
  • Settlement / mediation of disputes arising from the conclusion of contracts in electricity between TRANSENERGO COM and other participants in the electricity market

Working instructions

  • Coal;
  • Petroleum Products;
  • Cross-border Electricity Trading;
  • Import-export (transit).

ISO Procedures

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