Salcuta Photovoltaic Plant

Technical details

Installed Capacity (MW): 2 x 2,5 MWp;
Global Horizontal Radiation: cca. 1350 kWh/m2;
Modules: 250W, polycristalline;
Inverters: 27.6 kW string;
Mounting System: fixed system;
Maximum snow load: 2,0KN/sqm;
Maximum wind load: 0.5KPa;
Maximum wind speed: 23m/s

Project Status

The plant is operational and delivers electricity to the grid under the Producer License no 1486/2013 and Green Energy Producer Awarding Decision no 3949/2013.

Energy Production (estimated)

Estimated Net Production Ratio (yield) (MWh/MWp/year): min. 1350
Total Production Estimated over a period of 15 years: min. 99600 MWh

Location and site access

The site is located in the southern part of Romania, 60km from Bucharest, in Salcuta Village (Dambovita County).
The photovoltaic power plant is located on a flat area, at an altitude of about 70 meters above sea level,
The surrounding properties are used for agricultural production;
The access to the site is ensured through an county road and an agricultural exploitation road;
Internet connection available on the site for convenient remote management and surveillance of the site.